Case Study – Psychology and Organisational Difficulties

The following case study was taken from: IPDPS – Improving Provision for Disabled Psychology Students project, HEFCE Strand Two Project, Universities of York, Middlesex and Aston, (information extracted and accessed October 2006).


Natasha is a psychology student with dyslexia currently doing an access course. She has been offered a place at university in September 2005. Reading and writing pose just two of the problems with which she has to cope. After having been in a car crash, she experiences hand tremors and finds it very difficult to differentiate between left and right, which can cause her to panic. For Natasha maths presents great difficulties: “I have nightmares about numbers”.

Her impairment had an impact on her decision to study psychology. She felt that she would like to be in a situation where she can help others who have to share similar obstacles in life to her own. She feels that studying psychology and completing a three-year degree in the field will help her to have a clearer and deeper understanding about her own condition.

Natasha feels that people still do not have enough knowledge about dyslexia: “They only think you cannot read and write”. She feels that when she tries to express her problems to people they assume that she is engaging in emotional blackmail.

Currently Natasha has what she describes as a ‘trained’ psychologist as a tutor. The good relationship which they have established has been extremely beneficial to her. The tutor helps her with the organisation of her materials for essays, her writing and proof-reading. Natasha feels that she is extremely lucky that the tutor is a psychologist and hopes that she might have the same tutor at university level.


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