Case Study – Music and Organisational Difficulties

L is on the composition BMus course. He is extremely gifted in composition and is dedicated to his work. He went to a specialist music school. As part of a reference, a schoolteacher mentioned that L has been diagnosed with Aspergers. It quickly becomes evident that L is missing some classes, especially in the mornings and that his behaviour in some classes is inappropriate. When his tutor talks to him about it he does not disclose and asks that he be treated like everyone else.

  • Discuss disclosure and DSA support.
  • Provide clear written targets for him that remain confidential.
  • Identify key people who can help with aspects of his organisation and with establishing and maintaining a routine.
  • Assign coursework at specific times with a check in time and a specific tutor as a point of contact to ensure he does it.
  • Ask tutors to be specific about aspects of etiquette within the learning environment, e.g. “Can everyone turn off their mobile phones?”
  • Ask tutors to explain key ideas clearly without using humour.

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