Case Study – Music and Motor / Manual Dexterity Difficulties

Source: (accessed 22/12/2004)

I am a composer, musician and dancer and have performed in physical theatre performances all over Europe.

It all began in the mid 80’s. I was inspired by bands like The The, The Mission, Japan and many more and I started writing lyrics and got one my songs put to music. The song was produced by Danny Chang who I got in touch with after I heard him appealing for local talent on a radio programme for unsigned artists. It was made into a single and was featured on Radio One’s Newsbeat and played on Radio Two.

I then bought a cheap computer which came with a music sequencing program. I messed around with it. I took lessons at Cardiff Community Music, as it was then known. I was a tutor on a songwriting course in Scotland with Maggie Rily, where I met Tim Anderson from The Drake Music Project. He showed me Cubase, another sequencing package which ran on an Atari computer. I was completely hooked and got them as a payment for tutoring.

So that’s how it all began. Technology has enabled me to produce music with my nose, the way I find easiest as I have cerebral palsy. Now I have a studio in my flat where I work on different projects.

I enjoy performing and composing and if money was no object and I had the freedom of my access, my dreams is to buy a big house and build a huge music studio and set up a record label and over turn the record industry so that it doesn’t pander to twelve year old kids who are conditioned to lust over pop idols.

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