Case Study – Learning Support (FD) and Stamina

Case study of a trainee teacher with epilepsy.

This case study is taken from Able to Teach, the Teacher Training Agency guidance to providers of initial teacher training on disability discrimination and fitness to teach,  (information extracted and accessed January 2007).

Although this guide focuses on training teachers, it is recommended that information on Fitness to Teach is applicable to trainees who are studying to become Higher Level Teaching Assistants.

A trainee with epilepsy applies for a place on a secondary PE ITT programme. Her condition means that she is unable to go swimming.  The provider feels that this is not a problem, because the trainee does not need to go into the water to teach swimming.  However a risk assessment identifies a potential risk to a pupil who gets into difficulties in the water, if the trainee is unable to enter the pool.

A possible adjustment would be for a second person, with a life-saving qualification, to be on hand when the trainee teaches swimming.  This was felt to be a reasonable adjustment.

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