Case Study – Learning Support (FD) and Mobility Difficulties

This case study is taken from Able to Teach, the Teacher Training Agency guidance to providers of initial teacher training on disability discrimination and fitness to teach, (information extracted and accessed January 2007)

Student A has mobility difficulties due to arthritis and has difficulty undertaking long journeys using public transport as she finds it exhausting. The provider organises all placements and allocates her to placements that are too far away for her to manage. As she consistently arrived late and too exhausted to start work, she failed this element of her course.

Reasonable adjustments that could have been made by the provider would have been:

  • review arrangements for students with disabilities before placements were allocated
  • to review the placement and select geographically close placements thus reducing travel time and conserving the student’s energy levels
  • review student’s Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and liaise with the student’s local authority to arrange an alternative to public transport, e.g. using a taxi.  The student would be able to reclaim the taxi fare minus the cost of public transport from their DSA allowance


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