Dance, Drama and Performance and Ability to Empathise

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Dealing with Emotional Issues

Students who are dealing with emotional issues through dance, drama and performance may find that they need an outlet for emotional energy. For some students (particularly those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or Asperger’s Syndrome), the ability to empathise with the characters they want to portray on an emotional level, and to cope with the social and emotional demands of a dance and drama course may be difficult skills to develop.

Students can be easily stressed, become depressed or be prone to rage reactions and/or temper outbursts and similar frustrations.

  • It may be helpful to identify a person that a student can go to on a regular basis (if necessary) for support with these issues.
  • Be aware of signs from students that things may not be going well.
  • Educate peers to the difficulties that students with social understanding and communication difficulties have.Consider peer support such as a buddy system or peer support network.
  • Identify relaxation classes that students may wish to attend.
  • Help students to recognise some of the precursors to stress.
  • Help students to develop strategies of stress management.
  • Ask students what positive strategies they have used in the past to help them to cope in stressful situations.