Welcome to SCIPS


Who is SCIPS for?
SCIPS is a resource, primarily for Lecturers, supervisors ( BA, MA,PhD) supervisor , teachers and trainers. It offers strategies for promoting inclusive teaching, learning and assessment within programmes of study taught at degree level (including foundation degrees).
What does SCIPS do?
SCIPS identifies potential challenges that students with particular needs may experience in achieving and/or demonstrating key skills and attributes as defined within Subject Benchmark Statements. SCIPS offers strategies and adjustments to practice that academic staff might consider in helping address these challenges..
How do I use SCIPS?
You will find all of the links that you need to navigate the site on the left-hand toolbar. SCIPS users find the ‘browse’ function very helpful and we suggest you start here. If you want to learn more about how to use SCIPS, please click ‘Help‘ at the bottom of the toolbar for an on-line tutorial.
How should I reference material from SCIPS?
The information on SCIPS is open to all users and all materials are free to download – please reference the materials to http://www.scips.worc.ac.uk.

For more information on the development of the SCIPS resource, please go to the ‘project’ page. To see a list of people whose help and ideas the team would like to acknowledge please click here.
You can contact Sharon Smith at s.smith@worc.ac.uk for further information about these pages.